Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You spin me round, right round like a BROKEN record baby

Someday soon, I will have to take you all on a tour of the jimmy-rigged portions of this house.
It can be quite amusing.

Though not as amusing as one thinks when one might wake up in a sweat at 2:30 am (this is a desert in August folks, quite hot at night) and try to turn on the ceiling fan only to discover that it only runs on "I will spin so fast in a vain attempt to create a frozen hell (insert evil laugh here)" HIGH via the light dimmer switch it is attached to? OK, I don't think Squink found it all that funny either as we both seem to have been built to be able to survive in a frozen tundra with the amount of body heat we put out when we sleep. The Schatz (aka Chris) rests comfortably (insert expletive here).

N.B. apologies offered in advance for temperamental post, but I have been up for an hour now and it is 3:00 AM!

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