Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Is this a museum?"

So, while we try to figure out where we need to start on small projects and how we can ignore the big projects until we are less... uhm, I dunno, less overwhelmed by what all needs / can / should be done... we have to come up with a means to let people know that when they open our front door that they may just catch our little boy running naked and screaming "no poopy"... The one time we forgot to lock the door behind us.

Today, we had some visitors do that, though they were regaled by me in a sickly wonder and forced to shush because Squink was asleep right near the front door.

Hi to those visitors! I am sorry, my head was so stuffy I can only remember that one of you has a mother that has a business that involves the word clutter. Thank you for not taking pictures after we asked you to stop, the house is a bit messy and we don't really want folks we don't know to keep that in their record.

I guess we will be getting a sign (or two or three) that reads "This is a personal residence."

PS: We don't mind giving tours of the house with just a little bit of heads up... (Chris can't remember his password for blogger right now)