Sunday, November 20, 2005

Almost done

Here is a great picture of the newly painted gold crown molding. We looked at possibly stripping it too, but it had a horrendous dark brown paint and so we decided to complement the colors we used in the room... I must say that it looks lovely.

Kudos to Kaos

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Well, at least the wine wasn't awful.

We have most of the living room primed and ready.
And in order to celebrate we had a family outing to a somewhat casual yet fancy uncorking of this years Beaujolais. Last years was much better, but that may be because I was bound and determined to get out of the house at least once while on bed rest. This year, Josef went with us in his jammies and in a sling and he was one happy boy. Who knew he would like spanokopita so much.
Anyway, we have a room almost ready for paint, and we are both so excited we are wandering room to room talking about what we would like to see, should we paint all the crown moldings gold, do we paint the hall after we remodel the kitchen? etc...
I am just so darn excited about this.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Whereupon we rejoin the house blogosphere

I finally found the silverware. I will spare people my picture of a drawer now overly full of eating utensils. The irony of it is that I found them as I was digging through a box looking for bed linens...

So, the great news is that we are almost ready to paint the living room. Here is Chris standing in front of the sealed up sliding doors (as in covered with plastic sheets).

Here is a wall of paint samples that I insisted on and that have driven Chris nuts since I did them. We are going with the color to the left of the red, and we will cover the fireplace projection with the red. Then for the nifty moldings on top we will go with a gold (not pictured). The green light color on top of the red might be what we do in the grand hall (OK, the only hall). I am also keen on the light color to the right too.

And I hate to bring up an old topic (issue). But here is a close up of the do-dad on the side of the fireplace. Only this time I opened it up. So, do you know what this is or does?

And here is what is on the inside of the fireplace where the do-dad is. See, it does not go through to the inside.

Now we (cough) just have to finish the re-plastering and then off to painting we go!