Saturday, October 27, 2007

though you never hear from us...

I am exhausted.

But, exhausted in that way after a performance, where you are like a monkey in the jungle swinging through trees... in that I also feel amped up.

We helped the local historical society by putting our house on their tour.

It is an incredible experience to have so many strangers peek around your things, have a glimpse into your life.

I was fortunate enough to have some dear friends come over and help out by talking to people and pointing out the neat things about the house we live in.

But I am so freaky tired, and the Squink never got a nap because it is hard to put a kid down when there are lots of folks in the house... so we are winding down, mindless in front of the television set, not even sure of what we are watching.


also posted over in the personal blog, because we rarely post here (uhmm, never), since folks started walking in randomly.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Is this a museum?"

So, while we try to figure out where we need to start on small projects and how we can ignore the big projects until we are less... uhm, I dunno, less overwhelmed by what all needs / can / should be done... we have to come up with a means to let people know that when they open our front door that they may just catch our little boy running naked and screaming "no poopy"... The one time we forgot to lock the door behind us.

Today, we had some visitors do that, though they were regaled by me in a sickly wonder and forced to shush because Squink was asleep right near the front door.

Hi to those visitors! I am sorry, my head was so stuffy I can only remember that one of you has a mother that has a business that involves the word clutter. Thank you for not taking pictures after we asked you to stop, the house is a bit messy and we don't really want folks we don't know to keep that in their record.

I guess we will be getting a sign (or two or three) that reads "This is a personal residence."

PS: We don't mind giving tours of the house with just a little bit of heads up... (Chris can't remember his password for blogger right now)


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How on earth does one get motivation

to fix/build/mend/repair their homes... when they have lost it?

Help? I have builders block!

I had all these dreams of moving in and working on it.
And that lasted for about 8 months.

Then all sort of subtleties that influenced a massively brutal stop to anything getting done.

These include:

  • Captain Kaos disappeared leaving us with a ton of exposed interior brick some expensive wood cut too short... and a [insert expletive here] mess in the work area.
  • My husband and I had some pretty interesting differences of opinion on what style needs to be used when working on the house. Which I strongly believe are not all that different but enough that it caused for a few heated discussions.
  • We had that massive storm that kicked out some windows in the attic.
  • We had pipes burst in the line to the house creating a muddy creek like lake/pool way too close to the house.

In the end I love this house, my husband loves this house.

We, or maybe it is I, have a major case of ennui about it, that is why I don't write about it. Because I am sure that no one (and least of all me) wants to read/write about how I have no passion to make this house glorious other than in the painless recesses of my brain (and I thought to myself, "because it is too freaking exhausting to think about right now).