Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How on earth does one get motivation

to fix/build/mend/repair their homes... when they have lost it?

Help? I have builders block!

I had all these dreams of moving in and working on it.
And that lasted for about 8 months.

Then all sort of subtleties that influenced a massively brutal stop to anything getting done.

These include:

  • Captain Kaos disappeared leaving us with a ton of exposed interior brick some expensive wood cut too short... and a [insert expletive here] mess in the work area.
  • My husband and I had some pretty interesting differences of opinion on what style needs to be used when working on the house. Which I strongly believe are not all that different but enough that it caused for a few heated discussions.
  • We had that massive storm that kicked out some windows in the attic.
  • We had pipes burst in the line to the house creating a muddy creek like lake/pool way too close to the house.

In the end I love this house, my husband loves this house.

We, or maybe it is I, have a major case of ennui about it, that is why I don't write about it. Because I am sure that no one (and least of all me) wants to read/write about how I have no passion to make this house glorious other than in the painless recesses of my brain (and I thought to myself, "because it is too freaking exhausting to think about right now).