Sunday, October 23, 2005

Before and After

It seems like that we started our wood-refinishing project years ago, but it was only August of 2005, when we moved into our new house. Just before we closed on our home we had all these big plans (hardwood floors, restoring the windows, getting rid of all the 70's abuse, restoring the kitchen to a more "Victorian look" and so much more. I even do not want to go into the mechanicals of the house like HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical).

We are just about to have the doors, moldings around the windows and the baseboards finished in the formal living room and are getting ready to paint the walls.

Since all the moldings from the seven foot windows are completely removed we are contemplating to have two window restorers come out and help us to refurbish the sashes and perhaps retrofit them to accommodate dual paned glass. We found two window restoration contacts at last Saturdays Historic Roosevelt Home Tour and took a look at the work they have done. Quite impressive, to finagle dual paned glass into these old and "skinny" window sashes. We'll have to see what the quotes are going to be.....and/or if it is even possible.

The Historic Roosevelt Home Tour was actually a good source for us to compare our home to other homes in the area from the turn of the century. The Ellis-Shackelford House at 1242 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix has similar but simpler Mahogany Moldings and were never painted. Built in 1917, it is amazing that all the wood trim survived without getting molested with paint. The second floor's wood trim however, got painted in a gray color and of course nobody is crazy enough to restore it back.

One may say that I am biased, however the wood trim in the Titus House is in far better shape after all the chemical stripping, sanding, staining and clearcoating compared to the untouched wood in the Ellis-ShackelforD House. This is astounding since The Titus House endured 25 years more of desert wear and tear.

We are almost three months into this wood-refurbishing project and we are getting close to having the formal dining room finished. At this pace (which is actually really fast considering that we are putting 30 to 40 hours per week into this project) it will take about an entire year for the wood-trim alone. OVERWHELMING in one word, but when it is done there won't be any words to describe how cool it will be looking and just to smile back at people who asked "You really did do that.....

Here is a before picture of a molested door...

Here is what it looks like after therapy... LOTS AND LOTS OF EXPENSIVE THERAPY...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Phew, parties, tours, molding stripping and painting

Can you say that three times fast?

The event went well, I over planned (as usual) but it went rather smoothly and it was nice to show people the house! And in my case over planning means having WAY too many leftovers... I will not, and can not complain!!!!! I love food!!

The exciting news is that there is a Neighborhood tour this weekend of house in a similar age range. We will be there to see how they got everything fixed up! I hope to take pictures too!

I do have to say, that while I may not be the best "old house" type, I do adore my home and I certainly do adore living in it. Though sometimes it is better than others.

In house news, we have pulled all the molding from the windows in the living room. So, as soon as they are close to getting done we get to paint. We have settled on a creamy yellow color, and we will be painting some swatches on the walls this weekend... Oh, and an accent color of red...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

OH S#*%!!!!!!!!!

So, it may have been apparent that I am rather UN motivated in the unpacking department. I have my basics, the rest is fluff and if I really need it, I just dig through boxes until I find it, though I still can't find the darn flatware!
Anyway, I have about 13 women coming over to my house this Saturday to spend the day discussing important things...
How far can saying we are in the middle of the big renovation carry me?
And here I thought it would force me to clean and unpack more... see how that plan backfired!
Oh dear!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


OK, it has been almost 9 weeks since we moved in, and all I have to say is where in this freaky world is my flatware!
They are (were) certainly not in any of the boxes marked "Kitchen"!
Has anyone else had this crazy experience of losing something like FLATWARE during a move?