Thursday, October 20, 2005

Phew, parties, tours, molding stripping and painting

Can you say that three times fast?

The event went well, I over planned (as usual) but it went rather smoothly and it was nice to show people the house! And in my case over planning means having WAY too many leftovers... I will not, and can not complain!!!!! I love food!!

The exciting news is that there is a Neighborhood tour this weekend of house in a similar age range. We will be there to see how they got everything fixed up! I hope to take pictures too!

I do have to say, that while I may not be the best "old house" type, I do adore my home and I certainly do adore living in it. Though sometimes it is better than others.

In house news, we have pulled all the molding from the windows in the living room. So, as soon as they are close to getting done we get to paint. We have settled on a creamy yellow color, and we will be painting some swatches on the walls this weekend... Oh, and an accent color of red...

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Jordana said...

I'm glad the party went well.