Thursday, August 11, 2005

This incredible house!

This wonderful historic house is now all ours. We move in next Thursday!

We are so very fortunate that this house is ours. It really found us!

I was on bed rest at this time last year, when a friend of mine came to visit me. My husband happened to be home and overheard her talking about her friend that owned this wonderful old home in Scottsdale. I knew in an instant which house it was. I said "I have always loved that house". My husband knew which one it was and said "tell your friend that if she ever wants to sell, we want to buy it". Neither of us thinking it would ever come to be.

about 5 months after this conversation (and one gorgeous little boy coming into our lives) I am back at work and I get an email that said "My friend is ready to sell, here is her number".
I jumped for joy and called my husband right away with the news. He was there that very afternoon meeting with the then owner. She definitely wanted to sell! We definitely wanted to buy. The trouble, how do we go from a small bungalow in downtown to a once upon a time mansion in Scottsdale... We were lucky, we came in when the market was great and actually were able to sell our house and our investment house and then make the payments on this special house!

This whole process has taken months, we love the house, it is incredibly special and we have already started stripping off the paint from the inside molding/trim (the last owner let us start these projects too) and discovered some of the most beautiful wood in the world! Mahogany!
So, from this post forward, you can learn about our wonder trials and tribulations as the very proud new owners of this awesome house!

I am still somewhat in awe, I have loved this house ever since I was a little girl and would drive past it with my grandmother. This house has been in this state almost as long as my family. It all just feels so right for me!

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Anonymous said...

110 years later, and the immigrants (a Colombian and an Austrian) are still settling in the area. Glad you will have a little gringo in your house!