Friday, August 26, 2005

Mood swings

It is so strange living in an old house. I am not sure if it is because there are so few here or if it is the same with all old home owners... but (and it is a big BUT), I find myself going through these incredible mood swings about it. Most of the time I am so exstatic about living here. It is a one of a kind, it has a history that is precious to me, it has withstood this harsh desert for the same amount of time as has my family. Then we get quotes of $2000 per window for replacement (we have either 12 or 20 windows depending on how they count it), there are galvanized steel pipes that may need replacement, there is all that horendous paint to strip off to return the wood to a glorious state. And then I get a sense of shock... "Oh My Goodness, what in the world did we get ourselves into".

Then I sit near the pool or on the front porch and those dollar signs and the amount of hard labor that this place needs seems to fade away into a doable sort of feeling. I do really love this house and all teh mysteries it has within its walls and history.

I don't think I could really have said it any better than what was said over at the Big Yellow House. (though we don't have the 7 children, I could certainly get a bunch here, we also do not need a house jack).

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Kim said...

Totally with you on the mood swings! We're only in month two of old house ownership in the big scary city, and I still own my quaint little townhouse in the quiet suburbs. For the past 2 weeks I've been thinking "why on earth would I sell this to move into the poorest big city (Cleveland) in the US, into the filthiest house I've even seen, with a roof that hopefully will make it through the winter, knob & tube wiring with 50 amp service, no closets, an awful enclosed front porch, no garage (and possibly no hope of building one due to city codes), plexiglass windows, a questionable furnace and a bathroom that is the size of closet, all perched on a hillside that has an erosion problem??"

To top it off, I quit my very stressful but decent-paying job to work an as unpaid intern part-time just so I could clean the new house. Meanwhile, my partner, who bought the house, was just fired from his architecture firm and has now decided that he doesn't want to sit in front of a computer all day! What a time to have a mid-life crisis!!

Take a deep breath and one day at a time...good luck!