Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A quick update and questions answered

OK SO here I am resuming back into the world of house blogging and keeping everthing on track as far as where we are at.
But first, I must address some questions that I have left unanswered for far too long...
first one:
Anonymous said...
Love your crown molding. Do you mind telling us what product and technique you used? Thanks.
Well, to be honest Captain Kaos (aka Dave Wilcox) did the painting. We did choose the colors. SO we went with Ralph Lauren paints. The molding is using tehir new metallic line with their itty bitty roller. It is lovely and Kaos deserve some major Kudos for doing it, because, after all, we have 13 foot ceilings.

the do-dad - the one on the fireplace. We still don't know what it is, even after a chimney sweep came. Whatever itis it is obvious that that is not the original mantle so it was most likely part of a heating system.

OK, I did not find any more questions....

So, what did we find out.... I know you are waiting with baited breath

Our sash windows are double sash meaning that the back pane comes down. So why would the house have this you may be wondering... well, it gets a little hot here so it operates on the same idea as a transom window. There is even lovely eastlake hardware for them.

I discovered that the house may have been intended to have wrap around porch. I had seen these little projections above and below the windows and then realized that the same projection do dads were holding up the porch.

We had our pool fence installed and it is gorgeous, we had to make it a bit special because we did not want to attach the fence to the house.

Not sure what else to say...

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Jordana said...

Pictures, Blair. I demand pictures!