Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ask and ye shall receive

Well, Jordana asked, so here are two pictures I asked Chris to take since I get home at dusk or after dark now-a-days.
This is the window, while I still have to get a picture of the hardware It does show just how cool it is to have them.

Here is the pool fence so we are now a kid safe house.

This weekend I will work on geting pictures of the hardware for the sashes and weird little thingies that cause me to think a wrap around porch was an architectural intention when it was built.
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Jordana said...

Thank you for the photos. :)

I love your woodwork! Don't most double hung windows open on both the top and bottom? I think all of ours do.

Blair said...

I just never knew windows did that... there are not a lot of these here, and most certainly not in Ecuador where adobe colonial style reigned supreme... it is just so cool.