Sunday, September 10, 2006

Golly gee, shucks, shelterrific!

OK, so... Since the heat is abating (slowly I will add) and I am starting to get itching to make more progress on the house and therefore houseblog. When I started up writing the previous post and looked at how many folks may have stopped by and become completely disappointed by the sheer lack of updating!

So, imagine my surprise when I saw that there was this place that had sent over quite a few folks and when I went to see what the link was, I found this.

For one, she mentioned progress... and I still don't see it, but wow, thanks, we sure appreciate that you think our house is adorable (we sure do)! But the site is fabulous... and I sure don't feel worthy but am just delighted for it... so thank you Angela M.!!!! We feel like we won a prize just because of your mention!!!


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